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Does Marijuana Interact With Zoloft? Marijuana can also cause hallucinations which resolve within a couple of hours. Suicidal thoughts aren't increased when using marijuana but the user can elicit.

Marijuana and Zoloft Interactions, There are details about the possibility of marijuana and Zoloft interactions, effects & reactions.

Cannabis & Zoloft - Erowid Exp - 'Unexplainable Twitching' Feb 18, 2002. 3 Bowls of Cannabis and 5 Pills Of Zoloft It was winter break, the day after New Years. I had stopped smoking weed for a long while almost 4 months so me and a former friend, M, decided to get together and smoke. M brought along one of his friends, B. I didn't really know B that well. but he seemed like.

Zoloft, Psychedelics, and Weed - Bluelight I have a few questions for the experienced, advice much appreciated. Firstly, mostly everywhere I've read has said that Zoloft & other SSRI's diminish trips. Some people report feeling nothing. I tripped last summer, while on 50mg of Zoloft for around 6-8 months. Both times, I tripped w/ my friend for our first.

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I want to know if smoking pot while on I take zoloft daily for anxiety and depression i also like to smoke pot about 2 times a week will the pot effect the Zolofts effects? please no "weed.

Is smoking cannabis whilst taking sertraline anti depressant bad. My experience is that cannabis will effect you a lot less then sertraline will. Cannabis will likely reduce certain side affects of sertraline but also has an effect on serotonin. if you must mix them, keep the dose as low as possible. If your psyche and brain chemistry is anything like mine then ditch sertraline and dose the weed.

Re Zoloft & Marijuana Psycho-Babble - Dear Joel I read with great interest your query regarding the possible interactions between marijuana and the anti.

Zoloft with weed - I was prescribed zoloft by a PA at my doctors office for anxiety and it made me really tired and all I wanted to do was sleep all day when the sleepeness went away, I.

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