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Zithromax or bactrim which is safer

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Azithromycin Precautions and Warnings - Bacteria - There are a number of precautions and warnings with azithromycin to be aware of. For instance, if you have severe kidney or liver disease, your healthcare provider may prescribe you a lower dosage of azithromycin or not prescribe the medicine at all. Also, azithromycin can cause severe diarrhea in some people.

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Is Bactrim a “heavy duty” or “light duty” antibiotic? Skinny. I had a boil on my neck and went to see a Nurse Practitioner who prescribed a two week two a day supply of Bactrim, which was filled as the generic version MP85 stamped on pill -specific info on the bottle wore off. Fast forward two weeks, the original boil went down but I got another one in the meantime.

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Zithromax or bactrim which is safer:

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